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Needs to Foundation

The Needs To Foundation welcomes you here where we are engaged in Product, Media and Opportunity for the Special Needs Community.  

We want to illuminate the Special Needs and Special Joys of this unique Community with the Needs To Foundation.

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Our Mission: To Empower and Enable Individuals With Disabilities Through Media to Become Active  Members of Society. 


Needs to Foundation

The Needs To Foundation is focused on the Special Needs Community to increase awareness, provide opportunities and use media to highlight the unique nature of these highly creative people.

The Special Needs Community is Our Community.  Virtually every American has Family, a Relative or a Friend in this unique and resilient community.   By tapping into their creativity, unique personalities and insightful outlook on Life, we too can grow as human beings into a broader community of the “Needs To Foundation.”

What We Do

Needs to Bake TV

Media makes an Impression.  And so will this unique TV show whereby individuals in the Special Needs Community bake their way to success by creating confections, market them and create a business for self-reliance and independence.

Jobs for Special Needs

Special Needs means Special Jobs!  Many companies are discovering that Special Needs People bring Special Needs Care to their Work.  Companies are better served by understanding and participating with their Community – rather than just Selling to It.  Community means Everybody Wins!


Community means more than just a gathering of houses.  It means participation, help and understanding.  To create understanding, you need knowledge which means insights into Special Needs and understanding of their Unique Gifts.   With insight comes Intuitive Integration of Special Needs members more and more into their neighborhoods, associations and groups.  Where they can contribute – back to the Community!

Our Mission

The Needs To Foundation Mission is simple.   We are charged with creating a world whereby Special Needs People become Self-Reliant, Independence and Contributors to our Society.

Through our TV Show – “Needs to Bake”,  we wish to change the image of this Community in Daily American Life.  The Spirit of the Special Needs Community will encourage a broader acceptance across America, spurring Employers to hire them in their businesses.

Get Involved

  • Recognize the Special Needs population
  • Join the Special Needs Community.
  • Realize that Special Needs People are Contributors to Society.
  • Help Job Forums for Special Needs People.
  • Work to Build Up The Special Needs Community.



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